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I have a Dragon Age question that is a bit triggery. So I’ll put it under a cut and point out that it’s a question involving Anders, Justice and any love interest they might have, and I’ll say right now the trigger warning is for rape or non consensual situations, so don’t click the read more if you’re worried.

So, it’s quite clearly canon that in the romance scene at the Hawke estate, Anders says that “Justice does not approve of my obsession with you”. When Hawke teasingly asks if he’s an unwilling participant in a threesome, Anders gets uncomfortable and asks him not to call it that. Isabela also mentions Justice in a sexual context as well when querying the relationship. 

My question is this- the fandom is mixed as to whether they consider Justice a separate consciousness within Anders or whether they are utterly combined and there’s no place where Anders stops and Justice begins. But given the context of these comments, given that it implies non consent or dubious consent in a situation that is obviously sexual, if we assume Justice is a separate consciousness, is this rape?

The reason I ask is, were the situation reversed and Hawke/the LI were expressing interest in Justice but not Anders, this would most definitely read as rape if Anders was the one expressing disapproval, even mild disapproval. 

I suppose it comes down to how people view Justice, and whether he is viewed as a separate consciousness or not. Whether he is simply a manifestation of Anders’ doubts in that moment in Hawke’s bedroom, or whether there is in fact a third party in the room, unable to voice their unhappiness or approval. Unable to give or refuse their consent. 

And I mean we could circle around all day as to whether Justice would have just taken control of Anders altogether and refused to let him even visit the estate, but I have always been bothered by those two lines, the disapproval immediately followed up by the threesome comment. 

My personal headcanon always allows for a Hawke that cares as much for Justice as she/he does for Anders, but I suppose I’m asking particularly how people would read the situation if it was Justice in a relationship with someone, and Anders was the third wheel. Would people read that as dubious consent? 

1 year ago on January 27th, 2013 |J